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  • For a Future to be Possible

    Working to keep the world round and beautiful, my maps and prints are responses arising from an effort to stop and listen to the place. I make direct contact with, and in one Body, the experience of being awake and embracing the event. I make artist-editioned maps, prints, artist books, and broadsides in small numbered editions using a variety of matrices: relief, stone & plate lithography, intaglio, collagraph, silk screen, and letterpress. I make responses directly using both dry and wet drawing materials. My lithographic stones are over 100 years old and still in use. Printing, involving multiple matrices, hand-mixed inks, and fine papers that include blind embossing, chine-collé, and trial and error, is done using the two luddite presses: a Gordon Oldstyle letterpress and a Griffin lithograph & etching-intaglio press.

  • Limited Edition Maps & Prints

    Editions using lithographic, relief, letterpress, silk screen, paper and intaglio matrices made by the artist in signed and limited runs.

  • Right MAP Making

    Right MAP Making: Five Ways to Make Maps for a Future to be Possible is a 21.5” by 14.5” two-colour letterpress broadside on Somerset Velvet Antique white, printed in a run of 360, copyright by Steven R Holloway and designed & produced by toMake™ Press & Editions. It is intended to articulate the fundamental principles of ethical conduct in mapping & maps and to stimulate “right action.”

  • About My Work

    toMAKE™ Editions & Press was founded by the artist and map-maker Steven R Holloway in 1998 to pursue and practice a new cartography, a map-making for a future to be possible. Located in the inter-mountain west in Missoula, Montana, the press editions the original maps and prints that are a result of practicing right map-making.

  • Mapping Out Performance MAP-Making

  • Purchase a Map, Edition or Broadside

    Limited Edition Maps & Prints Limited Signed+Numbered Editions are available by contacting Steven.

    PRICED: Pay What You Want: The value of the print is determined by you; you pay what you want for the print.

    OR CONSIDER: Pay a Living Wage: The value of the print is based on a living wage; my time, practice, experience, effort, materials, and the “gift” or inspiration.

  • Inquiries

    I can be reached by eMail, text, or mobile. Better yet stop by the shop for coffee, shop talk and check out the wet ink on the press. If you do not already have my phone send an eMail request and I will get back to you. Although the toMake™ Press studio & shop occupies just a small space off the alley, nonetheless I try to make it as available as possible for inquiry, visiting and the viewing of my works; the original maps, prints, broadsides & letterpress cards. Inquires and visits should be made in advance by telephone, text or eMail.

  • News

    The Weather Report: This Present Moment So Long Ago.