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toMake™ Dancing mapping-out performances

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Light Dance, Berkeley, Calif. Summer Solstice 2009.
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Images from the rooftop of Castleview in Berkeley Calif. taken at 1 second intervals between 4:30AM and 10:00PM on the summer solstice 2009.

Light Dance

Dance Anywhere Performance, Chewelah, Washington. Accidental Furrows
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Dancing to a poem by Antonio Machado, at noon in the S ch' wee la Valley. The piece, 8' 19.2" (the time it takes for sunlight to reach the valley), a Dance of the Planets work, is in reverence for the soft earth breathing and the full waters flowing, and in conjunction and in celebration with dance anywhere® 2011.

Dancing Accidental Furrows: 8' 19.2" in the S ch' wee la Valley, Wash. 2011.

ONE Pixel: an Act of Kindness
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OnePixel: an Act of Kindness documents through direct observation the site on the ground that is represented by a single 30mx30m pixel in a recent Landsat7 satellite image. Observation tickets designed by the artist and completed by participants from direct observation are validated and added to the collective database.

Walking the Pixel : Boston Mass. 2005.

Camera Obscura Performance, Chewelah, Washington. In the Body of a Prayer. June 2011
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“In the Body of a Prayer” is a 17 by 17 foot camera obscura. The camera obscura works within the power of prayer, but just as we are invited to enter into the body of the camera, we are also invited to enter into the body of a prayer; the physical body of a prayer. It takes a full five minutes for the image to become visible . . . awakened we enter the prayer- body. In this time we have stopped and taken the opportunity to be a part of a living prayer of light. We are being asked to let the Holy Spirit move through us and awaken us from our sleeping. The body of light, the dance of light, is the unsettling but joyous Body of the Prayer. We are not praying in the chapel in this moment of grace, rather the gift of the prayer-body is singing its Beauty through us. In our silence we are witness within a prayer-body to the dancing light and love of the Holy Spirit.

In the Body of a Prayer

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