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I am here bearing witness

  • Right MAP Making : Five Ways to Make Maps for a Future to be Possible
    Original Mind Manifesto
  • The Gate at The Crossing at El Coyote on the Vamori Wash to Many Dogs Place
    Essay and Map appearing in Migration Atlas
  • Inside the Room :: Outside the Room
    Introduction to the Atlas of Design
  • That Map You Loved That Saved Your Life
    Essay apprearing in Cartographic Perspectives
  • A Day Spent High on the Divide
    Beaverhead Ultramarathon #5
  • Geographer "maps" printmaking
  • VITA
  • Statement
    Artist Statement

S. R. Holloway

・ Limited hand-editioned maps and prints by the artist Steven R Holloway from toMAKE™ Press located in the intermountain west, north america. Working to keep the world round and beautiful through a practice of Right MAP Making: Five Ways to Make Maps for a Future to be Possible.

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・ If you do not already have my phone send an eMail request and I will get back to you.

・Please let me know how you can be reached and the nature of your inquiry. Steven