Maps of Real Places
toMAKE™ Press & the Practice of Right MAP Making

Artist Editioned Maps from toMAKE™ Press

Selections of original work editioned at toMAKE™ in Missoula and at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley. Prints use a variety of matrices; stone and plate lithographic, intaglio, relief, letterpress … hand mixed inks and pigments … fine papers, chine-collé and blind embossing. Signed and numbered in limited editions by the artist.
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Falls the Shadow
Again, a Real Place
All That is Left
Coming Together I
Coming Together II
Derby Street I
Derby Street II : Water Beneath
Detail (of the Missouri at the mouth of the Judith)
Judith and Arrow Rivers
Map of the Waters Bearing Witness
Milk River T&R
Crossings : Portland
Something Happened Here
Source of the Creek
Straight Water
The Collapse of Memory
a green dress
The Irreverence of Water (Destroy the Grid)
The Other
The Song Beneath is Always Singing
River Form
The Wound
The Way Across
Winter Flow
N.A.C.I.S. Cartographic Perspectives Cover 2/4
What the Land Wants
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