Maps of Real Places
toMAKE™ Press & the Practice of Right MAP Making

Artist Editioned Maps from toMAKE™ Press

Selections of original work editioned at toMAKE™ in Missoula and at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley. Prints use a variety of matrices; stone and plate lithographic, intaglio, relief, letterpress … hand mixed inks and pigments … fine papers, chine-collé and blind embossing. Signed and numbered in limited editions by the artist.
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Falls the Shadow
Again, a Real Place
All That is Left
Coming Together I
Coming Together II
Derby Street I
Derby Street II : Water Beneath
Detail (of the Missouri at the mouth of the Judith)
Judith and Arrow Rivers
Map of the Waters Bearing Witness
Milk River T&R
Crossings : Portland
Something Happened Here
Source of the Creek
Straight Water
The Collapse of Memory
a green dress
The Irreverence of Water (Destroy the Grid)
The Other
The Song Beneath is Always Singing
River Form
The Wound
What the Land Wants
The Way Across
Winter Flow
N.A.C.I.S. Cartographic Perspectives Cover 1/4
N.A.C.I.S. Cartographic Perspectives Cover 2/4
N.A.C.I.S. Cartographic Perspectives Cover 3/4
N.A.C.I.S. Cartographic Perspectives Cover 4/4
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