Working to Keep the World Round
toMAKE™ Press<br>Limited Editioned Maps
stopping with eyes wide open
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toMAKE™ Press
Limited Editioned Maps

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Artist-Editioned in Limited, Signed & Numbered Editions
from Direct Contact & Experience
toMake™ Press in Missoula, Montana

Falls the Shadow
Again, a Real Place
Crossings : Portland
All That is Left
Coming Together I
Coming Together II
Derby Street I
Derby Street II : Water Beneath
Judith and Arrow Rivers
Map of the Waters Bearing Witness
Milk River T&R
Detail (of the Missouri at the mouth of the Judith)
Straight Water
The Collapse of Memory
Something Happened Here
The Other
Source of the Creek
The Irreverence of Water (Destroy the Grid)
a green dress
The Song Beneath is Always Singing
River Form
The Wound
The Way Across
Winter Flow
N.A.C.I.S. Cartographic Perspectives Cover 2/4
What the Land Wants

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