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Everything is Secondary to the Place itSelf

"You ask me what I think of so-called nature writing? I think the same thing about any beautiful writing [beautiful maps]. There is no time for it. There is time for only one thing: saving the earth. The world is being slaughtered and we need to stop it. At this point writing is beside the point: the only — and I mean only — thing that matters is to stop this culture from killing the planet. . . Everything — including beautiful writing [beautiful maps] — emerges from and is secondary to the land."
Derrick Jensen as quoted in My Green Manifesto: Down the Charles River in Pursuit of a New Environmentalism by David Gessner.

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Artist Limited Editioned Maps that Make a Difference

Featured Editions

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The Way Across

Stacks Image 3175

Again, a Real Place

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Coming Together I

Falls the Shadow
Again, a Real Place
Crossings : Portland
All That is Left
Coming Together I
Coming Together II
Derby Street I
Derby Street II : Water Beneath
Judith and Arrow Rivers
Map of the Waters Bearing Witness
Milk River T&R
Detail (of the Missouri at the mouth of the Judith)
Straight Water
The Collapse of Memory
Something Happened Here
The Other
Source of the Creek
The Irreverence of Water (Destroy the Grid)
a green dress
The Song Beneath is Always Singing
River Form
The Wound
The Way Across
Winter Flow
N.A.C.I.S. Cartographic Perspectives Cover 2/4
What the Land Wants

Artist Limited Editioned Prints that Make a Difference

Featured Editions

Stacks Image 3194

Keep the Earth Round

Stacks Image 3217

Counting to Seventy-Two

Stacks Image 3188

I Dream of Dancing

Counting to Seventy-Two
The Breath
Eight Phases of the Moon ...
Desire Suite: for Movement
Desire Suite: for Prayer
Desire Suite: for Song
Every Event (is a Gift)
I Dreamof Dancing ....
Keep the Earth Round
Paper Morning II
River Dancing
Section Without Water
Suite 1/2: Let Me Say This ....
Suite 2/2: In Times of War ....
Water Perpendicular
Between Two Places
The Infinate Possibilities of Desire
The Ocean Is Burning
ahwo : moving waters
Because Loving Her

Letterpress Prints & Broadsides that Make a Difference

Featured Broadsides

Stacks Image 3244

Put Earth First

Stacks Image 3231

Support the Green New Deal

Stacks Image 3237

Right MAP Making

ONE Pixel Boston
Put Earth First
Right MAP Making
toMAKE™ Broadside
Thank You
the BREATH body ....
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