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Out & About and Back Home

A month away and a childhood of memories and stuff behind me I drove back home this week.
I had a good visit with brother Bruce and in spending time with the estate we shared our memories, loss, struggles to become, and that challenging rise into our own self that is not that our our parents. A struggle that goes on and on.
Bruce and my Dad were great with picnics. We had a nice one at Lake of the Isles then walked around the lake.
During WWII my Dad was stationed in the Philippines and in charge of a Japanese POW camp. In this capacity he befriended a prisoner of his same rank, playing cribbage together and who sketched these for him.
We returned their rings to the earth with their ashes.
My Mother liked her pearls. This one from the 1950’s when we lived in the Philippines … I think I’ll wear it on my pinky as it fits nicely.
I loaded up the truck and pulled a trailer back to Montana.
The islands move upstream in the Yellowstone. Every time passing by this place along the free-flowing Yellowstone River we stop’d to watch, to see, to experience the corridors of movement; water, air, birds, clouds, wind, railroads, cars and trucks, information, DNA, animals, seeds, dust …. all in constant interwoven movement and change.
… and back home to the great tomato crop of 2020.IMG_5591