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There is a bulletin board in the alleyway on the toMake™ studio. I put it up about 30 years ago. I have a small but regular following of alley walkers and bikers who stop to get the news I post there-on. Sometimes the board acquires a lot of old images and becomes in need of cleaning and starting over. Earlier this week that was the case.
IMG_3769It took awhile but the recycling was coming in the morning and the sun was out. Layer after layer removed I was surprised to see that the bottom layer was from the 2012 election with my irritation at the Clinton neoliberal takeover of the Democrats Party in full display. There you are and four years later the same same monied interests are at work . . . “[Bill and Hillary Clinton] set up a machine that was really a juggernaut with all this corporate money they brought in through the Democratic Leadership Committee,” says Blumenthal. “It was a very different structure than we’d seen with previous Democratic candidates who relied heavily on unions and the civil rights coalition. . . and that machine never went away. . . It kept growing, kind of like this amoeba that began to engulf the party and politics itself. So that when Bill Clinton was out of power, the machine was passed to Hillary Clinton, and the machine followed her into the Senate. And the machine grew into the Clinton Global Initiative.” The Clinton Machine Will Do Anything to Stop Bernie Sanders

Beneath the rubble four years of bulletin board postings we have a not dissimilar conversation and power struggle taking place. I am thinking “Every Event is a Gift” and that we are seeing the emergence of a new Left, a third party that acknowledges the voices of the young; those who see the FACTs of Climate Change, those who want to act, those who know of the Radical Disruption taking place, those who want a Just, a Sustainable and Vibrant future. So I took down the old and without Hope or Despair but Resolve [Dr.Robert Davies DISRUPTION: DEFINING RADICAL IN THE AGE OF HUMANS] started a new board in the alleyway at toMake™.
IMG_3778And the first “resolve” is a reminder to walk, run, bike and use public transportation.