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What is generosity ? Really, on a deep level. I think I am again learning this. Experiencing this. Participating in this.
This weekend I received an act of generosity . . . and it was and is both humbling and deeply meaningful.
This morning I made a cup of cappuccino in a mug that was given to me in 1975 in another act of generosity.
Fritz gathered his own clays & glazes, grew grapes, had a collection of rocks & minerals, and worked an organic garden.
He worked with his hands. And he was a generous and kind man.
Whenever you visited him he gave you something he had made with his own hands.
It’s a bit chipped and I’ve broken, given away or lost most of these over the years, but this one remains a favorite.

a place to work

A place to work. A place to make. A good place really.IMG_4392


Available Prints & Editions


Meena the Shop Cat


Keep the Earth Round & Orbiting

A new hand printed edition of forty on 236# Flurry cover, numbered 1/40 - 40/40. In three hand-mixed colors. Available in the toMake™ store. Castellar 24 pt with Bixler 18 pt ornaments in a letterpress and a hand carved stone matrix run; 6 by 9 in.

Grief, Loss & Death

I have over the years, recorded the names of lost family, friends and lovers on a skull. In recent years there have been more loses and I have now many names to write on the skull. It’s a good practice of grief, loss and death.

And then there has been the recent terriorists attack and loss of the alleyway flamingos.
The yellow beak’d flamingo made it to the protected area in the garden before the killing.

Snow & Terrorists

Busy printing an edition of 40 cards today; inside. I lost two flamingos this week to alley terriorists. Sad, they had been with the press for many years.

Let's Be Clear

Put Earth First Letterpress Broadside
'Put Earth First' is a 18.5” by 25” letterpress broadside on Sakamoto kozo, hand-rubbed, copyright by Steven R Holloway, and designed & produced by toMake™ Press & Editions. Suitable for framing and making a statement about your priorities. Shipped domestic USPS Priority in a tube. S+H not included.

We Voted

Meena the Cat says; “We Voted … You Lost … Now Leave.”


We do need a new bridge, I just wish bicycles had been given more respect in the design & construction. Clearly the cyclists voices were not heard. This is socialism at work however, something Montana voters believe to be close to evil incarnate … $250 per voter of outside money in negative ads bought the state a GOP sweep.

IMG_5961Meanwhile in the toMake™ studio we’re back at work.

May All Living Beings

May all living beings be well, happy and peaceful.

May no harm come to them.
May no difficulties come to them.
May no problems come to them.
May they always meet with success.

May they also have patience, courage, understanding, and determination
to meet and overcome inevitable difficulties, problems, and failures in life.


To Go Viking

To “go viking” is to strike out on an epic adventure, unsure of what you’ll find.
On the press this week a little card with an important message to all the travelers on board.
and on the alleyway bulletin board at toMake™

My Voice

Do I live my life or that of my fathers, or mothers, or society ? Finding my voice, that is the work before me.Shop_8_2020

The Place itSelf


November Third is Coming

Letterpress printed at toMake™ 100 days out on 118lb Flurry Soft White Cotton Cover, using P22 BLOX modular type (in a hand mixed P368 Green with Transparency White), and Skyline 18pt Calendar, 36pt Cloister and 24pt Castellar types (in VS195 Blue).
Available as a 5 by 6 in. card in the toMake™ Press store in bundles of five.


On the letterpress press; some reminder cards.
Help from Meena the Cat of course; transparent green using BLOX modular type.IMG_4958
Setting the text; ink will be reflex blue.
A dash of orange for the 3rd of November.IMG_4971
Final rubbing to test layout, design and kerning.

To Whom Does the Past Belong

Wendell Berry speaking about the commonwealth; that which belongs to the people.
“How soon do we get to the point where we just don’t want to have a past at all?”
Limited Edition Map :: The Collapse of Memory

Bearing Witness on Miller Creek

Some years ago, as a geographer doing field work in the greater Missoula ‘Five Valley’ area, I began to make visits to the Miller Creek drainage. Edition #130 is a response resulting in part from these and more recent trips, practicing “STOP, EXPERIENCE, OBSERVE & RESPOND.”

“You ask me what I think of so-called nature writing? I think the same thing about any beautiful writing [beautiful maps]. There is no time for it. There is time for only one thing: saving the earth. The world is being slaughtered and we need to stop it. At this point writing is beside the point: the only — and I mean only — thing that matters is to stop this culture from killing the planet. . . Everything — including beautiful writing [beautiful maps] — emerges from and is secondary to the land.”
Derrick Jensen as quoted in
My Green Manifesto: Down the Charles River in Pursuit of a New Environmentalism by David Gessner.

In 1912, soon after our house was built just a few miles north, lower Miller Creek had settlers working in the valley and a schoolhouse. All this would change. Section 12 is outlined on the 1912 USGS 1:125000 map.
In 1955 lower Miller Creek was still mostly undeveloped, open field, range and habitat. . . Providing shelter for the other than human beings.


All that has changed in the ensuing years.Miller_Creek_TR_Development
Miller Creek is For Sale :: $700,000 5 bedroom 4,642 sq. ft.
Edition #130 “Bearing Witness on Miller Creek” is a response to this place and this devastating loss of shelter for ‘other than human’ life; “the only — and I mean only — thing that matters is to stop this culture from killing the planet.
Species of Concern
The limited edition map uses six matrices; plate and stone lithography, relief and letterpress. The edition is intended for inclusion in Guerrilla Cartography’s upcoming Shelter Atlas.
Draft idea for the map uses a full sheet of Somerset Velvet 22 ½ by 30 inches with a 12 by 12 inch chine-collé on Section 12 at a mapping scale of 1:5280.
Stone matrix 4 responds to T12N R20E Section 12.
Bearing_Witness_T&#38;R_S12 1_63360_ Matrix4

Connected by Desire

Sometime early morning four earthquakes shook just over the Idaho border 10km northwest of Stanley, southwest of Missoula. The largest quake was 4.1 magnitude.


AND sometime in the early morning along the river trail east of Missoula a rockfall. Tumbling down jagged raw rocks and trees onto the trail. The ancient seabed raised and falling, breathing.IMG_4501
The world is interwoven, rising & falling in her breath and always in motion, connected by desire. These events . . . YA) one great interconnected moment of breathing and desire.

Dirt Stones and the Garden

SATOR AREPO (available as a two-colour letterpress print) is based on the oldest datable representation of the Sator Square, found in the ruins of Pompeii. Others have been found in excavations under the church of S. Maria Maggiore in Rome, at Corinium (modern Cirencester in England) and Dura-Europos (in modern Syria). . . One likely translation is "The farmer Arepo has [as] works wheels [a plough]"; that is, the farmer uses his plough as his form of work. Though not a significant sentence, it is grammatical; it can be read up and down, backwards and forwards."
Working in the gaden :: as the Sator Square would suggest we practice, caring for what we sow.