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Hard Working Climate Activist

We’ve been in the news and on the streets the past few weeks. IMG_4139
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. . . and making national headlines :: ‘A Bomb in the Center of the Climate Movement
Bill McKibben quoting from an email Judith wrote to him and appearing as headline and within the article in Rolling Stone

“I don’t think most people are that mean-spirited (or maybe I just hope not) and of course dozens of friends within the climate movement wrote to express their solidarity and love. But I have no doubt that many of the people who’ve seen the film are, at the least, disheartened. Here’s what one hard-working climate activist wrote me from Montana: “The problem is, this movie is all over the place and is already causing divisions and conflicts in climate action groups that I’m involved in — it’s like they detonated a bomb in the center of the climate action movement.” Which I’m sure is true (and I’m sure it’s why the film has been so well-received at Breitbart and every other climate-denier operation on the planet).”
Ink draws for an edition