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dancing on the divide

At 7am on July 11th I set off with 152 other runners, north from Lemhi Pass at 8000’ elevation running on a single track dirt trail following the continental divide along the Montana Idaho border in the Beaverhead Mountains. A long day, feet touching the rocky crest of the divide. Blue sky above. Snow drifts and aid stations and 34 miles and 6,600’ of elevation gain.

From the start at Lemhi Pass the single track trail goes north 55km along along the continental divide Beaverhead mountains. At Janke Lake the run leaves the single track trail and goes off-trail on the boulder fields along the divide before it scrambles a steep downhill into the valley below.50k_Beaverhead
I drove down the afternoon before the run.IMG_3318
There was Covid screening and a pre-race meeting in the park in Salmon Idaho.
I spent the night in Salmon; tent and bag on the earth. The sounds of the nearby Salmon River were music all night long. Beautiful music but a short night as the bus to the start at Lemhi Pass left at 4:30AM in the dark.
Ready to go at Lemhi Pass; 7am, sun coming up, 8,000’ elev. start just above the pass,152 runners of which 6 will drop. View south from the 2017 start of the run. there was not a cloud in the sky all day this year.
Race kit, shoes, pack, food, etc. Some will work and some will not it turns out.IMG_4726
You start at the pass which is already 8,000’ and go up, and up some more, and some more . . . then you leave the trail because, I’m not sure just why, and straddling the Idaho-Montana border on the continental divide, you go up some more on the boulder fields and up and down and up the three peaks to near 11,000’. Then you go DOWN a lot into the Lemhi valley in Idaho.
Again this year we passed through the recent burn at Goldstone. After that there were snow fields with soft snow that made it easy to cool down the rising core temperature. I deliberately didn’t take my camera; mindful of this present moment . . . so long ago. I started and I finished. I did my practice running 1,300 miles since the first of the year, staying fit and keeping my weight below 148 lbs. This was the fourth time running this ultra marathon for me and the first time a 70 year old finished the run. There will be others and faster but for now I covered the 34 miles once again dancing along the divide beneath a summer sun blue sky, feet on the beloved earth and rock of the the Beaverheads. JOY.
Shoes off at the finish in the valley 7,000’ below the ridge. Tired and so so very lucky a man to be able to do this once again.
Wrong choice of shoes and socks, I couldn’t get my energy foods to stay down, cramping, lost a water flask and the poles were unnecessary. . . plan all you want but on a near 12 hour run there will be challenges. Finished as the 90th runner of the 147 out of 152 starters. The boulder field to the high point and then descending down; the most _____________.
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Garden Flowerings



A performance of DNA.


On the letterpress press; some reminder cards.
Help from Meena the Cat of course; transparent green using BLOX modular type.IMG_4958
Setting the text; ink will be reflex blue.
A dash of orange for the 3rd of November.IMG_4971
Final rubbing to test layout, design and kerning.

Life in the Alley


We Don't Get To Choose When We Were Born

Young deer wandering the concrete maze following along
The bulletin board in the alleyway at toMake™
The garden in the evening with the flamingos and catIMG_4908
Long live the ROXY theatre

To Whom Does the Past Belong

Wendell Berry speaking about the commonwealth; that which belongs to the people.
“How soon do we get to the point where we just don’t want to have a past at all?”
Limited Edition Map :: The Collapse of Memory

Where I Live

High School graduation packages in the 1960s midwest called for including; envelopes, invitations and name cards with first middle last names. But instead of ordering my name on the cards I ordered Amor Vincit Omnia … from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in the Nun’s Priest Tale translating roughly “Love Conquers All” but in the tale it was AVO on the priests blouse if I remember right. This little act of rebellion was not well received . . . I’ve one left after all these years.
Cold Toddy Coffee: a dangerously easy to down summer drink. I use Peru beans from Black Coffee freshly roasted. I coarse grind 14 ounces and let soak overnight. Drip drip drip the mix. Then a wee small bit in the cup, add equal parts filtered water and again add in half and half with a dab of maple syrup.
Cold Toddy2
Found rock painted and inside broken open powered and made elegant then wrapped and left hanging in the shop.
Birthday card for my lovely and generous neighbor using the old Royal. Still works without an update to the OS, internet connection and is on lovely Boxcar Press Flurry. Hand carved stone stamp. Jo_Turns_Eighty
Meena the Cat showing excellent afternoon form.


Beaverhead Ultramarathon

This upcoming Saturday I’ll be running The Beaverhead for the forth time. So I’ve been putting in the miles, 223.5 miles for the month of June with 18,688 feet of elevation. It’s a challenging run and staggeringly beautiful. The 55 km / 34 mile run follows the continental divide north from its start at Lemhi Pass on the ID-MT border and the continental divide trail until it is too difficult terrain then climbs a large boulder size scree field to about 11,000’. The run then drops down into the Lemhi valley, a 6,000’ descent. Nobody 70+ has finished it before. I like to stop an admire the flowers, the girls and the mountains. I’m at a good weight and have some good miles on my legs but it will be a real challenge none-the-less. I’ve had two bad trip-and-fall hard and cut up my body the past few weeks. My doctor says just don’t hit your head. . . and everybody running is younger than me; Everybody.

June Running Miles
Packing for the Run. Not sure which cap and shirt.
On the continental divide looking into Montana 2018 Beaverhead run