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There is no Us or Them

WE: There is no Us or Them; is a challenging reminder to see and experience the world in which we live, breath, participate and enjoy as WE and not US and/or THEM. So the subtext is ‘There is no Us or Them’. I think the best place to start, for me, is with my family. So I see my family …. and there is no Us or Them, there is a We to us all. We share things and disagree on things …. But this’WE’ is more than just family. It is also the food I eat and the land on which I live, the trails I run, the water I drink. The ‘WE’ is a reminder to ease out from the boundaries I might engage and battle; the neighbor who supports Trump, the alley walkers who break into my truck, the others I find myself against in so many ways. This is the nature of the WE print; to remind myself that Christ, Buddha, and all the great teachers saw no Us and/or Them but a WE, a world without boundaries.
The reason for the word WE being difficult to read is simply because the notion of ‘WE’ is a challenging one to remember and see when so much of the world around us seems to support the “Us and Them” attitude of blame and hostility, neglect and abuse. The limited edition print uses #p22 modular #blox type and is printed with flocking on Kozo with a chine-collé onto Somerset Velvet.