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Idle Stones


I don’t imagine that stones are idle. They’re always in motion like rivers and mountains. But these six stones have been shelved all too long under a cloud of depression and loss. The four light colored16 by 20 inch lithograph limestones are from the famous German quarry of Solnhofen. I have a small piece of lithographic quality limestone from the old quarry in north central Iowa, Lithographic City near the town of Orchard. Look closely and you can see a dark gray smaller stone likely from Germany as well and a larger white marble stone mounted on slate. The four stones are named “Forty, MW, OZ and UK.” I took 40 out today and started work on it.


The working image on the stone looks good, a 12 by 12 inch tusche wash intended for the ONE Pixel edition. I washed it out with lithotine and then rubbed it up in asphultum. I’m not sure yet if I’ll print it or levigate it off and start over. Moving the stone was not so easy. Last worked in 2007 for edition #74 it now seems considerably heavier! But stones should move and today they did. I no longer hold Hope that my maps and prints will find acceptance and be purchased in this mapping world of commerce and digital high-definition realism. I’ve more or less given up. The part of me that has yet to give up is Depressed about this and the loss I experience of having no standing or presence; the unwanted and invisible nature of my work. RESOLVE to act lifts the stone from the shelf and sets it in motion. All things are in motion. Always.