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NO to the Keystone XL Pipeline

The current show “Stephen Braun: Hindsight and Foresight Are 20/20” at the Missoula Art Museum is just wonderful and powerful. “I love the planet and all of its beauty. But all I see is loss. I see the scars we leave to support our consumptive nature. We leave a landscape of heartache…it breaks my heart to see how ubiquitous we’ve been in radically changing our environment.” SB. For this exhibit, he’s been making his trademark environmentally, and socially- and politically-themed sculptures using what he calls a "bastardized American raku technique" that was pioneered by Paul Soldner in the 1960s. Go see this show.

Stephen Braun “Victory

In other but related news in downtown Missoula there was a guerrilla performance/protest against the Keystone XL pipeline extension crossing the Missouri River and native lands in east-central Montana. Below: spilled oil from the pipeline flowing into the river. The performance featured your camera and notepad toting corporate spies.“Indigenous groups, environmental activists, and other people opposed to the KXL Pipeline have a right to protest without being spied on by the government and without being met with a militarized and violent response. The government’s interest should be in protecting these rights – not violating them.” ACLU-MT