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the Weather Report

Longer days & Warmer

Below is the analemma for the new moon just as Lent begins. Local [Missoula] noon occurs at 12:49pm MDT. This will, unfortunately, all change next week with the insanity of DST. February temperatures were mostly between 20˚F and 40˚F, freezing and melting with some good periods of snow. On sunny afternoons the Mount Jumbo elk come over the top into the sun where we can see them from our eastern window. In other news, the earth continues to spin towards a tipping point of climate disruption, fascism, and more . . . finding that neither hope or despair help me to act I more and more give my attention to resolve; saying YES to the beauty, to the complexities, to the diversity, the interwoven, the joyous and to loving one another.

Analemma for Missoula, Montana February 23rd 2020
Local Noon Feb 2020
Missoula Montana February 2020: temperature, wind, pressure, precipitation, cloud cover & humidity.
A high (one day anyway) of 60˚F and low of 7˚F. The peak wind and high temperature must have conceded with a passing frontal system. Generally high winter humidity and 2.5in. of precipitation mostly in the form of wet snow. February_2020