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High School graduation packages in the 1960s midwest called for including; envelopes, invitations and name cards with first middle last names. But instead of ordering my name on the cards I ordered Amor Vincit Omnia … from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in the Nun’s Priest Tale translating roughly “Love Conquers All” but in the tale it was AVO on the priests blouse if I remember right. This little act of rebellion was not well received . . . I’ve one left after all these years.
Cold Toddy Coffee: a dangerously easy to down summer drink. I use Peru beans from Black Coffee freshly roasted. I coarse grind 14 ounces and let soak overnight. Drip drip drip the mix. Then a wee small bit in the cup, add equal parts filtered water and again add in half and half with a dab of maple syrup.
Cold Toddy2
Found rock painted and inside broken open powered and made elegant then wrapped and left hanging in the shop.
Birthday card for my lovely and generous neighbor using the old Royal. Still works without an update to the OS, internet connection and is on lovely Boxcar Press Flurry. Hand carved stone stamp. Jo_Turns_Eighty
Meena the Cat showing excellent afternoon form.