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Bearing Witness on Miller Creek

Some years ago, as a geographer doing field work in the greater Missoula ‘Five Valley’ area, I began to make visits to the Miller Creek drainage. Edition #130 is a response resulting in part from these and more recent trips, practicing “STOP, EXPERIENCE, OBSERVE & RESPOND.”

“You ask me what I think of so-called nature writing? I think the same thing about any beautiful writing [beautiful maps]. There is no time for it. There is time for only one thing: saving the earth. The world is being slaughtered and we need to stop it. At this point writing is beside the point: the only — and I mean only — thing that matters is to stop this culture from killing the planet. . . Everything — including beautiful writing [beautiful maps] — emerges from and is secondary to the land.”
Derrick Jensen as quoted in
My Green Manifesto: Down the Charles River in Pursuit of a New Environmentalism by David Gessner.

In 1912, soon after our house was built just a few miles north, lower Miller Creek had settlers working in the valley and a schoolhouse. All this would change. Section 12 is outlined on the 1912 USGS 1:125000 map.
In 1955 lower Miller Creek was still mostly undeveloped, open field, range and habitat. . . Providing shelter for the other than human beings.


All that has changed in the ensuing years.Miller_Creek_TR_Development
Miller Creek is For Sale :: $700,000 5 bedroom 4,642 sq. ft.
Edition #130 “Bearing Witness on Miller Creek” is a response to this place and this devastating loss of shelter for ‘other than human’ life; “the only — and I mean only — thing that matters is to stop this culture from killing the planet.
Species of Concern
The limited edition map uses six matrices; plate and stone lithography, relief and letterpress. The edition is intended for inclusion in Guerrilla Cartography’s upcoming Shelter Atlas.
Draft idea for the map uses a full sheet of Somerset Velvet 22 ½ by 30 inches with a 12 by 12 inch chine-collé on Section 12 at a mapping scale of 1:5280.
Stone matrix 4 responds to T12N R20E Section 12.
Bearing_Witness_T&#38;R_S12 1_63360_ Matrix4