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Thoughts on Earth Day 50 :: Remembering 1970 & OIKOS

In the winter and spring of 1970 I was in school in Ohio; Oberlin College . . . just a few miles from Kent State, the draft lottery numbers freshly served, and Earth Day #1 about to happen. I knew already, given my number, inclination and disposition, that I was soon to leave for Canada. Then there was Kent State and that made my decision clear. These days I wish that I’d stayed put on Kootenay Lake in my tipi but I returned by invitation of President Jimmy Carter a decade later. My girlfriend at the time was in residence at Kent State and I went to visit her on that terrible weekend shooting.
But first Earth Day 1970. I was one of the original organizers on campus that spring and we brought in the Zen Beat west coast poet Gary Snyder for a reading . . . I had the privilege of making his introduction and becoming a friend, and later making a visit to his Sierra home kitkitdizzi (bear grass). Fifty years on and the addiction to fossil fuel and extraction in all forms remains in full destruction of the planet . . . climate change / global heating. Things have not gone so well for our one earth I am sorry to say. I would like to believe that I have made a difference on behalf of the “household of the earth” but I am not so sure anymore. That same summer I carved a block print from a birch log that has remained a lifelong guiding concept: OIKOS.

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OIKOS: Household of the Earth, Earth Economics, the Economics of the Household