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Beaverhead Ultramarathon

This upcoming Saturday I’ll be running The Beaverhead for the forth time. So I’ve been putting in the miles, 223.5 miles for the month of June with 18,688 feet of elevation. It’s a challenging run and staggeringly beautiful. The 55 km / 34 mile run follows the continental divide north from its start at Lemhi Pass on the ID-MT border and the continental divide trail until it is too difficult terrain then climbs a large boulder size scree field to about 11,000’. The run then drops down into the Lemhi valley, a 6,000’ descent. Nobody 70+ has finished it before. I like to stop an admire the flowers, the girls and the mountains. I’m at a good weight and have some good miles on my legs but it will be a real challenge none-the-less. I’ve had two bad trip-and-fall hard and cut up my body the past few weeks. My doctor says just don’t hit your head. . . and everybody running is younger than me; Everybody.

June Running Miles
Packing for the Run. Not sure which cap and shirt.
On the continental divide looking into Montana 2018 Beaverhead run