about the artist
A post-modern Luddite and "throw-forward" making ink-on-paper responses from direct observation and experience.

About the artist Steven R Holloway and Meena the Cat

Steven R Holloway is an artist, geographer and teacher living in the intermountain west. He works as a teacher of the visual and observational arts, mapping ethics, lensless photography, and stone and plate lithography. His practice involves the beauty of the world. He has spent a lifetime teaching: swimming, world music, flute, wilderness canoeing, cartography, geography, graphic design, media arts, stone lithography, observation. An avid trail runner his personal and professional work explores the joyous and beautiful body of the earth.
toMAKE™ Press was founded by Steven in 1998 to pursue and practice a new cartography; a map-making for a future to be possible.
Meena the Cat is a part-time resident at toMAKE™ studio. She can be seen supervising work and getting her paws into wet ink at times.
I STOP and then I watch, I count, I measure ... I OBSERVE. Stopping is, it turns out, difficult and takes a great deal of effort and practice. What is your practice? How do you stop? There are ways but they all involve effort. And really good stopping means making many many efforts, repeated over and over until you have entered into the place itSelf. And felt and enJOYed and got wet and dirty and cold and sun cloud water exposed. So maybe, and I say maybe because a thousand times stopping and returning and observing will not guarantee the mysterious gift of the EXPERIENCE. But if and when, because good stopping like the real work will reveal the I-Thou, the experience of the Other, then and only then do I find that pressure within that asks to speak, and that demands voice. This is the RESPONDing. My work, my responses, arise from stopping to observe a place, always, always. Stopping to observe and experience. My medium happens to be limited-artist-editioned prints, maps and lensless images using stone and plate lithography, intaglio, relief, silk screen, chine-collé, hand mixed inks etc.
steven r holloway