Keep the World Round
A Post-Modern Luddite 'Throw-Forward' :: Steven R Holloway

toMAKE™ Press :: Map-Making for a Future to be Possible.

toMAKE™ was founded as the ‘Oikos Work’ in 1970, and as toMAKE™ Press & Studio in 1998 … “Map-Making for a Future to be Possible.”
I always feel the desire to look for the extraordinary in ordinary things . . . .
Art is a funny thing. You do it with a purpose, but often the meaning remains a mystery.
Terry Karson, 1998


the Artist, Founder & Printer :: Steven R Holloway

Steven is an artist, geographer and teacher living in the intermountain west. He works as a teacher of the visual and observational arts, mapping ethics, lensless photography, and stone and plate lithography. His practice involves the beauty of the world. He has spent a lifetime teaching: swimming, world music, flute, wilderness canoeing, cartography, geography, graphic design, media arts, stone lithography, observation. An avid trail runner his personal and professional work explores the joyous and beautiful body of the earth.
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I STOP and then I watch, I count, I measure ... I OBSERVE. Stopping is, it turns out, difficult and takes a great deal of effort and practice. What is your practice? How do you stop? There are ways but they all involve effort. And really good stopping means making many many efforts, repeated over and over until you have entered into the place itSelf. And felt and enJOYed and got wet and dirty and cold and sun cloud water exposed. So maybe, and I say maybe because a thousand times stopping and returning and observing will not guarantee the mysterious gift of the EXPERIENCE. But if and when, because good stopping like the real work will reveal the I-Thou, the experience of the Other, then and only then do I find that pressure within that asks to speak, and that demands voice. This is the RESPONDing. My work, my responses, arise from stopping to observe a place, always, always. Stopping to observe and experience. My medium happens to be limited-artist-editioned prints, maps and lensless images using stone and plate lithography, intaglio, relief, silk screen, chine-collé, hand mixed inks etc.
the artist :: steven r holloway


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toMAKE™ was founded by Steven in 1998 to pursue and practice a new cartography; a map-making for a future to be possible. Located in the intermountain west in Missoula, Montana.

toMAKE™ Press

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Gordon letterpress circa mid-19th century
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Griffen lithograph press and the large MD12 lithographic stone
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Griffen relief & intaligo press

& the Cat

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Meena the Cat is a part-time resident at toMAKE™ studio. She can be seen supervising work and getting her paws into wet ink at times.

the Practice of Right MAP Making

Stopping to Observe, Experience and Share :: the Place itSelf

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A Real Place. Before any edition is started a real place has been visited on multiple occasions, over and over, sometimes years … and until the experience reveals itSelf to speak. This is true if I am making a map or print. Lensless images are often acquired during these visits and can reflect changes to the place. Each and all of my responses reflect back to a place. The most important and difficult aspect of this is stopping. For this reason it sometimes is years before I feel I have heard a voice that asks to be spoken.
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Observation, Counting, Measuring, Listening. To facilitate stopping and being able to experience I engage in a variety of practices; measuring the wind, the air, soil and water temperatures, determining the color and texture of the soil, the earth, noticing the clouds and counting things, all things, my breath and the passing animals and people. Taking slow, extended exposure lensless images on film. Sketching and making notes and scribbles. You can practice and the practice allows for the experience. You cannot say I am going to experience the ‘Other’, but you can stop and be ready, open, prepared and willing for the Other to speak withIN.
the Other
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Visiting a place; field research for the edition “Generosity”
… and then you realize that there is something to say about this Beauty, this Joy, this livingness. And this something is a pressure from withIN that must speak. Practicing come to fruition and you put the tools to work.

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vb ‘to mak’, making, to make :: to make bread, to make music, to make love.

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The tools I use for my voice, this voice that speaks through me, are those of the printing press.
Stone and Plate Lithography. Relief, Letterpress, Intaglio, Collagraph and Chine-collé …. The process begins; rises from that place seeking expression and voice, sharing.


I use both wet and dry drawing mediums on the matrix.Lithography is a planographic printing method, not incision is made in the limestone. The process can be described as developing ink-loving and water-loving areas on the stone.
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Dry drawing materials; crayons of varying hardness.
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Wet drawing materials; tusche of varying strengths.
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Relief printing involves cutting away the unwanted image areas. I also use chine-collé, blind embossing, varnish and flocking on my editions.
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Notes, Ink Selection, Care and Drying

Ink is carefully made from pigments and oil, mixed and tested. Prints are carefully dried between printing runs, sometimes as many as 8 or 10. Notes are kept for each run regarding paper, ink mix, matrix, drawing medium, matrix.
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Signing the edition, Numbering, Record Keeping , . . and Sharing the Gift.

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Performance & Mapping Out

dancing the ‘Smokey the Bear Sutra’

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A toMake® short short on the occasion of the spring 2012 performance of dance anywhere® in Missoula, Mont. Performed on top of Mount Sentinel above the high water mark of Lake Missoula reciting 'Smokey the Bear Sutra' by Gary Snyder. "I DEDICATE MYSELF TO THE UNIVERSAL DIAMOND BE THIS RAGING FURY DESTROYED." while holding a large whisk to shake up the sleeping beings below, above, before, behind and within.

Watch the Performance

ONEPixel™ :: an act of kindness

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OnePixel™ Boston documents through direct observation the site on the ground that is represented by a single pixel in a Landsat7 satellite image.

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in the Body of a Prayer

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"In the Body of a Prayer" is a camera obscura installation for Pentecost 2011 in the Chewelah United Church of Christ chapel located beside Chewelah Creek. The camera obscura in the Chewelah UCC chapel works within the power of prayer but, just as we are invited to enter into the body of the camera, we are also invited to enter into the body of a prayer; the physical body of a prayer.

Watch the Construction of the Camera Obscura

Accidental Furrows: 8' 19.2" dancing in the S ch' wee la Valley

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Accidental Furrows ... dancing to a poem by Antonio Machado, at noon in the S ch' wee la Valley the piece, 8' 19.2" (the time it takes for sunlight to reach the valley), a Dance of the Planets work, is in reverence for the soft earth breathing and the full waters flowing, and in conjunction and in celebration with dance anywhere® 2011. ©steven r holloway 2011; a toMake® Press short short.

Watch the Performance

Responding to a Real Place; the making of a map

At the junction of the Clark Fork and Bitterroot Rivers, Kelly Island, Montana

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Map showing field work visits

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Riparian corridor in the Kelly Island complex.

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The waterway(s) in the Kelly Island complex.

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Field work notes and mapping

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Field work

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Lensless Image during field work visits